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In a Butterfly’s Dream
A tale of passion, possession and transcendence
on the island of Bali

In this psychological drama, Roy and Sevin, two recent arrivals to Bali, find themselves in a struggle with malevolent spirits, demons and goddesses of the Bali Hindu cosmology.

Roy, an artist, after meeting Dayu, a young Balinese girl, has visions of the mother he lost as a boy, prompting suppressed feelings of guilt and longing to surface eventually culminating in a spiritual release and awakening.

Sevin, a delusional drifter and codeine addict, is rapidly using up his father’s inheritance. He becomes secretly infatuated with Dayu. This makes him vulnerable to the intentions of the parasitic stone monkeys, spirits who feed on the passions of anger, greed and envy, which eventually lead him to make a devastating choice.

Paperback $14.95 PURCHASE
e-book $2.99


South Beach: Two Decades of Deco District Paintings

Artistry, philosophy, and the beauty of South Beach harmonize in this beautiful portfolio work. Luminous imagery lit by the imagination of artist Mark Rutkowski and inspired by Miami's art deco architecture.

This celebrated artist has helped spread the beauty of South Beach Florida to collectors world wide. The imagery accompanied by short essays that draw on decades of Buddhist practice. Includes a preface by noted television personality and columnist Ben Stein.

So get ready to wander the streets of one of America's most unique neighborhoods guided by an artist who helped popularize Miami, Florida's Deco District.

The magical realm of the South Beach Deco District is reflected in 115 paintings of sun-splashed pastel hotels, coral rocks, and dolphins dancing on oceans of aqua stucco as seen over the many years through the artist's eyes. It's a view like no other! Prepare to enjoy two decades in the Deco District.

Personalized and Signed Copy, $34.95 PURCHASE

Click to view a segment of the Miami PBS TV program, New Florida, featuring Mark Rutkowski's South Beach paintings.



Bali Bedtime Story



A lullaby tale for children up to 4 years old, inspired by my favorite Balinese fishing village.

28 pages, 11 watercolor illustrations, signed


Catalogue from the January 2003 ArtsLab Exhibition




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Atmospheres Catalogue

A catalogue of the sky paintings completed in Camille Pissarro studio in the summer of 2000.
Includes 9 color images, notes and artist statement. read more about it on the Atmospheres page.

12 pages with introductions by the artist.

13 full color paintings.





Asian Sketches

This collection comes from a sketchbook that I carried throughout Laos, Vietnam and Thailand during the monsoon of  2000, it offers meditative insight into place and moment with watercolors and verse.


Now set free from the confines of my paradise hermitage,
I walk along the shore to find a rock flat enough to sit on
And listen to the sea kiss the sand
and tell the shore of where it has been.

It tells of great creatures,
the great darkness,
The icy suspension and the sublime journeys aloft,
High in brother sky,
cool and shining
Bright as truth.

Throughout this journey, I integrated a question, a point of concentration, a koan, as an element in the creative process.
I kept with me a question about “time”.

Mark Rutkowski
April, 2001


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Coloring Book


Color Uncle Mark
A Coloring Booklet
20 pages, 20 x 28 cm
with goofy sketches


All images are copyright © of Mark Rutkowski
All rights reserved.

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